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WordPress Web Design and Development

WordPress website development company in Dubai

At Soharon, we strive to construct CMS and WordPress websites that are simple to update, upload, and manage content. We are more than just coders; we select the ideal design for each component of your website using WordPress. Our skilled team creates websites that are tailored to your industry.

We understand the needs of businesses as a WordPress website development company. Budget is an important factor to consider when looking for a customized solution; we will give you a variety of web design solutions. We deal with all major CMS platforms, including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Concrete CMS to construct websites. Our development team examined your website needs and delivered an outstanding website at the most affordable price. We have created over 200+ CMS (WordPress) websites for our clients all across the Globe in the last few years.

Your Digital Presence with Our CMS Solutions

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The WordPress is a content management standard because of its increased themes and vast plugin library. Using WordPress, our expert developers create attractive and functional websites that improve the user and customer experience.

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Drupal is a popular CMS and web application framework written in PHP. It has a wide range of services like content creation and editing, various themes, user management etc.

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Concrete CMS

Concrete CMS also known as concrete5 is another popular open-source content management system. It is a framework like Symfony or PHP Laravel.

Concrete CMS


It is also a type of content management system (CMS) used for publishing web-content. It is written in the PHP language.

WordPress Websites Development Services

We provide comprehensive WordPress Website Development Services for designing and developing websites that use the world's most popular content management system(CMS) since 2003. We are one of the best web designing companies in Dubai that provide custom wordpress web development services. A website is more than just a collection of web pages, it is a digital representation of your company, contact our professional web developers for more details.

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Our designs are original, creative and functional that bring uniqueness to all our projects.


from Scratch

We start every project from the scratch to ensure tailored and specific results.



We prioritize punctuality and project on-time completion, we respect your time and project delivery.


Creative Web Designing from Scratch

We guarantee that your website will be Unique and well responsive, it is fully optimized to give the best impression for users. Among all the WordPress development companies in Dubai, we are one of the Top WordPress Development Companies in Dubai. It is Because our innovated website development and website designing services.

Our professional designers enjoy pushing limits and discovering new horizons. Of Course we design every page from scratch to give the effective visual impacts, responsive across devices, resulting in a modern and creative website experience. The website you run will be your most valuable asset, so our designers and developers will always be concerned with the website's ranking.

Dubai based WordPress Web Developer

Soharon is one of the best WordPress web development companies in Dubai, UAE. We specialized in website designing and development services and we are happy to say that most of our clients are Dubai based because of our top-notch outcomes.

Our Process to Create your Website

The process starts from visualization, planning, Design and Development and ends with testing and deployment of the website. 

Visualize Idea

Analyze the requirements
Determine your goals
Note important features
Make a simple plan


Make a project outline
Select technology
Define approach
Plan verification and client approval

Design and Build

Style selection
Page layout Construction
Website design and coding

Test and Deployment

Find and fix problems
Testing its performance
Launch the completed website

Wordpress Website FAQ Section

Why Soharon for your
Website Development?

Choosing the right CMS is a vital step in your digital presence. We review your requirements and goal to suggest the right platform for your website. 

Few CMS suggestions, 

WordPress -  #1 CMS written with PHP and Easy to operate.

Drupal - Popular CMS web application framework written in PHP.

Joomla - It supports object-oriented programming languages written in PHP.

Concrete CMS -  concrete5 is a CMS, it is easy to edit and update content.

WordPress is the no.1 Content management system (CMS), in 2023 around 810 million websites use WordPress. This is almost 43% of all current websites. 

Define the requirements

Layout preparation

Start design from scratch

Implement Design 

CMS-based dynamic websites require periodic checkups and assistance to ensure their continued functioning, security and performance. This continuing approach includes frequent security feature upgrades to the CMS core, plugins, and themes, content updates to keep information relevant, continuous monitoring for potential issues, speed and user experience optimisation and proactive user assistance. It also involves backup of data approaches, SEO maintenance for visibility, and compliance adherence. 

Creating a custom WordPress website involves a comprehensive process encompassing strategic planning, unique design conceptualization and meticulous development. It begins with defining the website's purpose and target audience, followed by the selection of a suitable domain and the crafting of a sitemap. The design phase involves creating a visually engaging layout with carefully chosen color schemes, typography and graphics. Development includes theme selection and customization, coding custom templates and integrating essential plugins for functionality. Rigorous testing for responsiveness and functionality precedes the deployment, with post-launch tasks such as SEO optimization, ongoing maintenance and content updates ensuring a dynamic and secure online presence tailored to specific business needs and branding.

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